Lost in Translation

Sustainable Fashion Made Virtually Possible



We are buying more clothes, left unworn in our wardrobes or discard too quickly. We cannot continue this cycle at the current rate.



With a virtual wardrobe and AR software working in conjunction with popular social apps, Pyonea enables users to wear what they like online without ever purchasing a physical item.



For many people fashion is a way of expressing personality or culture. Fashion trends have provoked social movements and come to symbolise some of the most important moments in history.



Most campaigns focus on repairing clothes and buying thrifted items. An effective solution if everyone took part, the reality is not enough people will do this. Digital clothing allows consumers to experiment with styles and express themselves with what they wear online, while being able to make sustainable choices. 



Digital fashion is currently available as NFTs, exclusive to one person. The garments are unrealistic high fashion items sold for thousands of pounds. Pyonea’s clothing is available to everyone at a reasonable price, encouraged to replace the one wear social media shopping habits.

University Project

Deliverables: Branding, App Design, Art Direction, Video Animation

Date: 2022

Pyonea is more than just a clothing app to buy and wear digital clothes. You can customise how you present your virtual wardrobe with the ability to pair garment items to create your own outfits and place in your personalised collections. This virtual wardrobe profile can be made public for people to follow.

This way the shopping screen of the app is showing you exactly the kind of outfits you want to buy based on the people you follow. Users can choose to search for new clothes based on search and categories like other clothes brand apps or browse their feed to see what their followers are wearing, giving a more personalised shopping experience.

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