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WoW Magazine

‘Walk on Water’ is the magazine run by Loughborough Students Athletic Union. My responsibilities as Head of Design included working closely with the Editor-in-Cheif, hiring external photographers, leading my design team and designing the magazine and social media marketing content.

A challenging aspect was creating a coherent look and feel across the magazine as multiple designers were working on it. This meant that I took role as Art Director to guide my design team which led to an efficient system and happy team with little to no adjustments needed when collating the pages.

You can view the magazines online at Issue.


Deliverables: Editorial design

Head  of Design: Imogen Sandbach

Assistant Design: Louise Gillespie

Design Team: Claudia Swingewood Hughes, Rik Byer, Amber Burton, Katie Casson

Photographers: Kate Mould, Helen Forrest

Date: August 2019 - July 2020