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Content Creation For Students Against Corona

Students Against Corona

Students Against Corona is a student led initiative dedicated to helping those vulnerable and shielding during the Covid-19 pandemic. As Marketing Content Manager, I was responsible for leading my team to design and produce digital and print content and campaigns. I would create an editorial calendar, delegate tasks, keep track of the online community and ensure that deadlines are met. I also engaged in weekly meetings with the founders of SAC and heads of other departments to plan and strategise the future of the organisation.

Freelance Project

Deliverables: Content Creation

Client: Students Against Corona

Date: 2020

A challenge we found was how to create a cohesive brand identity while still letting each hubs independent personality shine through. Another issue was that not every hub had access to high quality cameras. The solution we came up with to disguise the lower quality images and create consistency across editing styles was to add a colour overlay. This also helped with personalising each hubs identity and we assigned a primary and accent colour palette for each hub. The brand guidelines were passed on to each hub for them to use within their own social media and I would receive a weekly or monthly hightlights of events and achievements from each hub to be made into content for the Student's Against Corona social media. 

Alongside being the Head of Marketing for the parent brand I would also create graphics content for the Loughborough Hub, one of the original hubs that created Student's Against Corona. Alongside social media content I also designed and produced a video advertisment and print material.