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Showcasing the Best of Liverpool and Manchester's Food and Drink Scene

Independent Eateries

Independent Eateries is a magazine and online platform sharing foodie news, tasty recipes and a guide to the best indie restaurants, cafes and bars across Liverpool and Manchester.


I created Independent Eateries as a way of embracing my passion for design and eating good food. The mission was to share the stories of the local businesses that make our city proud, enabling more people to discover the lesser known wonders of our cities independent food and drink scene.

You can view the Manchester and Liverpool magazines by clicking the links above.

Personal Project

Deliverables: Strategy, Branding, Editorial and Web Design

Project Lead and Strategist: Imogen Sandbach

Art Direction and Design: Imogen Sandbach

Copywriting: Samantha Bental

Photography: Mark Carr, Anthony Lavender and Antonio Franco

Date: 2021 

With my team of photographers and copywriters I was able to produce the first issue of Independent Eateries with amazing success. Within launch over 300 people downloaded the magazine and hundreds of prints were distributed across the cities. 

During the production of the magazine I would take up many roles. During interview and shoot days I would be present as interviewer, art director and stylist. With the assistance of my photography team, some shots I took myself. The interview voice notes would then be passed onto the copywriting team to be transcribed while the photographs were sent to the editor. After outlining and a series of revisions the articles would be taken to the design phase along with the final photographs. 

From this point I became the editorial, website and print designer. At the same time I was marketing the magazine and preparing for launch date.

When designing the brand identity for Independent Eateries I wanted the photography to take centre stage. Whilst opting for a classic minimal look the yellow okra accent colour brings excitement and consistency to the graphics. From the photos below you can see how the distinct look was applied to the Instagram feed.

I am proud of how this project turned out and I look forward to my next challenge. Below you can find behind the scenes photos from the production of the magazine.

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