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A Climate Crisis Campaign

Inga Foundation

Slash and burn is a farming method used by millions of families in the tropics. Farmers cut down and burn a patch of forest in order to create an area of fertile soil on which they can grow their food. In order to survive using such an ineffective method, families must clear fresh areas of rainforest every few years.

I created a poster campaign to raise awareness of the sustainable soil fertilising farming method created by the Inga Foundation that allows farmers to continually farm the same plot of land. This campaign would be present throughout farmers markets to deliver the message to the farmer families that their is another way to farm their food.

University Project

Deliverables: Poster Campaign

Date: 2019

The local farmers are aware of the destructive and lasting impact their current methods are having on the endangered species and climate crisis but are not aware of an alternative solution. In a two part campaign they will discover 1) there is an alternative method and 2) the organisation will teach them how. My posters are the first part of the campaign. I opted for a bold illustrative style to communicate the message as it is eye catching and overcomes any communication barriers as the visuals make it clear what the campaign is about. The 2 part illustrations give a reminder of the destruction caused with a contrasting image that shows what can be achieved.